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How much should I weigh??

If I had a dollar for everyone who asked that question, I'd be very weighted down with dollars!

Many people find themselves asking "how much should I weigh" or, the similar question "am I overweight".  Few even ponder "am I underweight".

Nowadays, we are all subjected to conflicting messages regarding proper weight. The medical industry keeps pushing for people to pay their doctor to tell them they weigh too much (and return for periodic checkups). The food service industry keeps pushing for people to eat more for happiness. Both industries are in business for profit (you figure out the reality issues here).

While most people are swayed by one or the other industry groups, very few ever really receive the unbiased answer to what their proper weight should be.

Internet Technology To The Rescue!
Thanks to advanced internet technology, we are able to determine (via subliminal mousing activity when you click the mouse) with a high degree of accuracy, what your ideal weight should be.

Sit still at your keyboard, wipe any sweat off your mousing hand, breathe deeply and click the cursor on the button below for your ideal weight.


If you looking for a serious ideal weight calculator, please CLICK HERE.

If you need the assistance that only rubber ducks can offer, please visit the Ducky Ducks World website or the Ducky RubberDucks page.

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