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Am I too fat?

Now, why would you ask that question-- unless you were too fat?

OK, in all seriousness, people have been asking the question "am I too fat" for centuries.  There have been whole walls devoted to the fat question found in Egyptian pyramids.

I am happy to report that the skilled scientists at the GetOdd Research Labs have developed a special test for excess fat.  Our test is accurate, quick and free.  It will only take a few seconds of your time and will provide you with a conclusive answer to the question "am I too fat".


Take the test:
To take the test you must follow just three instructions.  These are:

  1. Place your "non-mousing" hand squarely on the center of your monitor.  Make sure your palm is centered on the screen and that you press against the glass with just a little pressure.  You want your skin to be flat against the monitor (sorry, this does not work for LCD or laptop displays-- use a desktop system for this test).
  2. Seat yourself comfortably and cross your legs at the ankles, left leg over the right.
  3. Click the "Check my fat"  button below while you take a deep breath.



If you are curious as to whether you are at your ideal weight, you should visit our Ideal Weight Calculator page.

Or-- If you looking for a serious ideal weight calculator, please CLICK HERE.




Please note:
The GetOdd website contains satire and parody,
which means that you should NOT take as truth many items featured here.
GetOdd is meant to be humorous and not necessarily factual.
Please see our
POLICY page for more information.   (C) 2001 GetOdd