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Internet Portrait Studio
With hi-tech wizardry we now can provide this free and valuable service to our visitors.  We also can send your portrait along to your friends and others if you wish!


Hard Drive Cleaning Page

Make sure your computers hard disk is operating cleanly and efficiently. Check your drives cleanliness while online for FREE. Our cleaning page restores your drive to "clean as new". FREE, easy and quick!

Healthy eyes image 

Internet Eye Test

Make sure your eyes meet the internet standards for surfing the net. If you pass, you can download your free Internet Surfer Certificate!


Bad Printer Paper
Have fun with your printer! Simulate a worn out printer or bad toner cartridge/drum  by putting these pre-streaked pages into the paper bin and feast on the messed up print jobs.


Nostradamus Quatrain Generator
Ask Nostradamus your most important questions and get a phophetic response.  You can also get the Quatrain of the day!

Texas Longhorn Spider image 

American Barking Spiders
Most people think that barking spiders are imaginary items of folk legend.  In cooperation with the American Flatus Society, we present samples of the four most common varieties of Araneida Americana Odiferous.
Downloadable-emailable version:  (550k)


It's GREAT! -- But what is it?
The page that beats out the first AND last pages on the net for greatness.  It surpasses all other pages for perfection. While it certainly is NOT your rubber ducky, It is the page people have been searching for for eons...

CLICK HERE and have an awe inspiring experience!


Dirty Old Man
For those who have seen it all-- our Dirty Old Man page is quite a view!


The Mirror
Get an idea of what you look like to the computer and internet!

What a yummy cookie 

Internet Cookies
Fatten up your RAM and make your computer work better and more relaxed with a regular weekly view of our COOKIES PAGE.  Guaranteed to improve computer hunger.


Answer to age old question #1

Answer to age old question #2

Answer to age old question #3


Are you in love?
How much will your college cost?
What should you name your baby?
Am I ugly?
Am I too fat?
How much should I weigh?
How can I lose weight?
What is morning wood?


Naughty Ned & Messie Bessie


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