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Hard Drive Cleaning Page

Cleaning your hard drive is a quick but very necessary task that you should perform every few months.

    Experts agree that the fastest way to kill a hard drive is to let dirt build up inside.

Regular periodic cleaning of the hard drive is essential for continued operation.

GetOdd is pleased to provide this cleaning page, FREE of charge, as a public service.

No longer do you have to remove your hard drive and send it back to a cleaning bureau for routine cleaning-- costing hundreds, and taking weeks.  Weeks, that you are without the use of your computer!

Start Here

The first step in the cleaning process is to check your drive to see if it needs cleaning. 

Through a special undocumented feature of the Macromedia Flash program, we are able to enable the video and audio diagnostic mode of your hard drive. 

Dont' worry, none of your data is being sent out on the internet when this is done.  All that is sent to our servers during this process is information regarding your hard drives performance and cleanliness.  We will not disclose this information with anyone!  Your privacy is assured!

If you already have the Macromedia Flash plugin on your computer the following page will load rather quickly.  If you do not have the Flash plugin, it should load it automatically and then load our special "clean-check" program (which is only 52k in size) to determine whether your drive needs cleaning or not.

CLICK HERE to check your drive.

Cleaning Bureau technicians normally take a whole day to disassemble, clean and reassemble a hard drive.  This slow process is costly, and leaves you without your computer for quite some time!

Not sure whether you want to do this?

Trust us....
We're NOT from the government!




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