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Hard Drive Cleaning Page

Step #2  Analyzing your Hard Drive

From the results of the built in diagnostics on your hard drive, and documentation provided by the drive manufacturer, we recommend that you DO need to clean your hard drive.

We rate your drive a SEVEN on a 1-10 scale with 10 being the least clean and 1 being "factory fresh".

See the chart below for how these conclusions were attained.


Here is a still picture snapshot of your hard drive that was obtained during the diagnostic probing.



  1. The drive "platter" (the part that spins) is badly corroded. The copper coating has fully weathered to the teal-greenish color, rather than a shiny yellowish-copper color. Tarnishing of the platter surface in this way will cause numerous fatal errors and occasional unexplained reboots.
  2. There are metal shavings inside the drive. Metal shavings in the drive are the result of wear on the bearings and are usually accompanied by an uneven sound given off by the drive. When the bearings shed their shavings, the drive is prone to occasionally slow access, where the hourglass tends to stay on screen for a bit longer than normal-- and the machine freezes up for a few seconds now and then.
  3. Your drive makes an uneven sound. Usually, this is accompanied by bearing weakness and metal shavings found inside the drive. Symptoms that are common with this condition are occasional slowness, periodic short term "hangs" and other intermittant abberations.
  4. There are dead insects inside your drive. Dead insects are never a good sign. Insects in the hard drive usually cause your mouse-to-screen coordination to suffer. Usually this results in the cursor on screen "sticking" for a few seconds during mouse movements.  Some people temporarily cure this by enabling mouse trails, but this is deemed only a temporary fix.  Eradication of the insects is the only true cure.

Cleaning Your Drive

What will happen when you click the link to continue (below) utilizes the undocumented SELF CLEANING feature of your hard drive.

Much like a self cleaning oven, the self cleaning mode of your hard drive uses extreme heat to incinerate undesirable materials that are within your drive.

The process involves spinning the main platter at a speed fast enough to produce centrifugal temperatures of 3000 degrees Celsius. The platter actually gets RED HOT! Once this temperature is reached, and held for five seconds, the internal workings of the drive are sterilized. Once sterilized, the vortex created by the spinning disk is used to vacuum out the gasses produced inside the hard disk and direct them harmlessly into the cpu area of your computer.

    Please beware: The gasses, formed by the cleaning inside the drive, are inert and harmless-- but they come out of the drive at a relatively high temperature.  It is recommended that you do NOT open your computer case for five minutes after cleaning your hard drive to prevent the possibility of a burn.

You will be able to watch and hear most of the cleaning in process on the next page. Sadly, the CCD in the visual diagnostic camera does not function properly once the temperature exceeds 1500 degrees.  The sound may also distort at high temperature. Both visual and audio normally return near the end of the process, and you should see how nice and clean your drive is at completion.


If there is an error reported, or your system crashes during the cleaning process, you should immediately shut down your computer and let it cool for fifteen minutes (minimum). If your machine does not start up properly after the fifteen minutes, you need to seek professional assistance. 


A hard drive that does not properly conclude its self-cleaning mode can contain lethal pressures and may explode if not properly handled.

Click Here to continue (clean your drive)...




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