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Hard Drive Cleaning Page

Step #4   You Are Done!


As you can see from the image below, your hard drive is now sparkling clean and almost as good as new.

Our diagnostic server has rated the cleaning job a SUCCESS and your drive is now a TWO on the 1-10 cleanliness scale.

The drive does, however, report that there are ripples on your power supply and that has allowed some sub-surface impurities to persist.
(Note: Power Supply Rejuvenation Page to be online soon!)

We Recommend:

  1. You should clean your hard drive about once every three months, more often if you live in a humid climate or have indoor pets.
  2. You should also calibrate your monitor and check your power supply periodically also.
  3. You should backup all the data on your hard drive at least once every two weeks.
  4. You should smile and be in a very good mood when operating your computer. Failure to do so can have catastrophic results.
  5. You should hit the "Tell A Friend" button below so that they can clean their hard drives and maintain peak performance from their computer.

Thank You for cleaning your hard drive at!




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