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Nostradamus Quatrain Generator
(or, What Would Nostradamus Say)

Nostradamus, the mere mention of this prophetic Frenchman conjures up mystical thoughts in mortal men.

While many will debate whether Nostradamus, in writing his quatrains, did mankind any favors, few will argue that the quatrains of Nostradamus are unique.

The accuracy of the predictions foretold in his cryptic quatrains is legendary.

In keeping with Nostradamus's attention to the leading edges of technology, by the powers of high tech computerized equipment we are now able to provide an automated recreation of the mind of Nostradamus.

Our fully automated Nostradamus Quatrain Generator can provide you with a personalized quatrain, already translated into English, for use in your daily life.

(Quatrain opens in a new window)


Ask Nostradamus

Thanks to our exclusive encrypted tunnel to the cloned brain of Nostradamus we can provide you with a quatrain to provide guidance relating to your most important questions. 

Please enter your question for Nostradamus in the box below and then hit the button.


(Answer opens in a new window.)

Quatrain Of The Day

Don't be caught without a prophetic thought!  Our Nostradamus Quatrain of the day will inspire you and those around you to ponder the future of our world.

(Quatrain opens in new window.)





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