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What is morning wood?

While many people will give you some goofy definition for morning wood that sounds like something out of a pornographic horror film, the true answer to the question "what is morning wood" is rather simple and mundane.



Morning wood has more swirls, knots, sap and other imperfections that make the lumber weak.




Normal wood has grain without swirls or knots. This type of wood is very strong and useful for construction.




Some people believe that the early morning dew and fog is responsible for morning wood.

Lumbermen for years have bemoaned the problems associated with morning wood.  Many a lumberjack has delayed starting the days work-- out of fears he had morning wood.

While it is widely known that the best hours to be roaming about in the forest  is early in the morning, this is the very worst time of the day to cut timber.

It is a biological fact that plant cells undergo certain changes as the daytime progresses along. For most species of tree, the cells in the wood fibers undergo some rather dramatic changes during the first few hours of the day.

As you can see from the photos at left, trees that were felled early in the morning have a very poor grain structure and are weaker when used in construction.

Nowadays, you rarely find morning wood.  Most lumberjacks have discovered that a douse with some cold water typically eliminates the problem. By the time the lumber reaches the consumer, any morning wood has been culled out or doused with curative cold water.

For those who are determined to see some morning wood for themselves, they should seek out their local county building inspector and ask to see some samples of morning wood.  Most county inspectors are glad to help educate the public on this matter.





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