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Sounds of Sickness

A very nice sound loop that you can play all day to prepare your co-workers for your forthcoming sick days! 
Downloadable version  1.4meg, suitable for email attaching.

Sounds of PC Trouble

This sound loop will make various noises that are usually precursors of hardware problems with your PC. At the end of the day you can start this file running, minimize the window, and the night crew will conclude that you are due for a new computer!
Downloadable version (365k) .

Sounds of Beans

This sound loop will raise the eyebrows of anyone within earshot. Your computer will pass wind and belch as only the best can! Sure to keep the timid or easily disgusted, away from your area!
Downloadable version (670k).

Office Cover Sound

This is the sound of typing on the keyboard. This sound loop will make everyone nearby think you are the model of office productivity and dedication! (This is the same sound that runs when you hit the "COVER SOUND" link near the top of our pages.)
Downloadable version (302k)




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