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Palm-OS PDA Programs

Our PDA programs are all FREE and great fun.

These programs are provided without any guarantee of any kind.  While they have been created with the best and most honorable intentions, you should use them AT YOUR OWN RISK. We did our best to use good programming techniques and modern tools and there are no "nasties" in these entertaining little novelty programs.

These were created using the AppForge tools for Visual Basic and require the use of the booster.prc run time program.  A great many Palm-OS programs also require this booster program and you may already have it installed on your PDA.  If not, we have included a link to the booster.prc program here for your convenience.


Sick Call Generator

Our tremendously popular Sick Call Generator can be at your fingertips wherever you may be.  The ultimate tool to have on your PDA when you're calling in sick from the motel or resort.

CLICK HERE for sick_call.prc (14k)
CLICK HERE for (7k - same as above but zipped)


Insult Generator

Have a proven effective insult at your disposal at all times with this great PDA utility.  You will never be at a loss for words again. Make sure your PDA has at least 4meg of RAM, there is plenty of contemplation that goes into making these insults.

CLICK HERE for insults.prc (27k)
CLICK HERE for (12k - same as above but zipped)


Yes Mans Answer Generator

When you need to brown nose the boss-- give him the answer he wants to hear.  This handy tool puts the best "boss approved" responses nearby should you find the need to tint your nose when away from your desk.

CLICK HERE for yes_man.prc (15k)
CLICK HERE for (7k - same as above but zipped)



Fatal Error Decoder

Coming someday!!



Booster.prc Run Time Program

This is the run-time-program that needs to be on your Palm-OS PDA in order for our other fun programs to function.  Many people already have this on their PDA, you should check if you want to save the download time.  This program is supplied by and is required by all programs created using their fine tools.

CLICK HERE for booster.prc (340k)
CLICK HERE for (170k - zipped version of above).





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