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Free Stuff

Sounds of Sickness
A great sound loop that you should play all day to prepare your co-workers for your forthcoming sick days.
Sounds of Beans
Hear your computer pass some wind of its own!
Sounds of PC Trouble
Various noises that are usually precursors of hardware problems in your PC.  Let this go overnight and the night crew will conclude you are due for a new machine.

Visit our Sounds Page to download the files for convenient offline listening.  All these sounds are provided as safe Macromedia Flash files.


Palm-OS PDA Applications

Visit our PDA page!
Choose from the Sick Call Excuse Generator, Insult Generator, and Yes Mans Answers.
(all are Free!!)

Bad Printer Paper
Have fun with your printer! Simulate a worn out printer or bad toner cartridge/drum  by putting these pre-streaked pages into the paper bin and feast on the messed up print jobs.

Confusing Windows Desktop Backgrounds

Choose from the selection below for a windows desktop image that is, at the very least, hard on the eyes.  These come in variouis sizes to match most common desktops, and include many popular icons. When placed as your background, it is hard to tell the real working icons from those that are just part of the background image-- Use at your own risk-- as they can surely be quite annoying!

Select the size you want from the selection to the right of each sample and then when the new page opens, "right click" on the image and select "Set as Background".


Distracting People Background

800 x 600
1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1280 x 1024


Colorful Beads Background

800 x 600
1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1280 x 1024


Toy Soldier Background

800 x 600
1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1280 x 1024


Plain Default Background

800 x 600
1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1280 x 1024




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