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Bad Printer Paper

Print out a few copies of the Adobe PDF files linked below and put them in the paper bin of your printer for some real dirty fun.

Anyone who has used a laser printer or fax will recognize the patterns on our "bad printer paper" files. When run through the printer a second time (with normal printing on them) it gives the appearance that it is time to call the serviceman in for printer repairs.

These fine pages are the answer to those pesky unauthorized people who frequent your printer, and for the "copy hound" that materializes after hours.

Also great for stalling off some dreaded work for a while...

Please beware-- The images are accurate for printers, copiers, faxes that utilize a toner (dry or wet) and a drum.  Ink-Jet machines do not generally create these patterns when failing. If your intended victim is NOT technically savvy, they will not realize this, but the savvy may.

Beware again that if your machine uses a paper bin that allows the paper face to be clearly seen from outside the printer, the only people you will fool will be bumbling idiots.  Because of this, you can also use these sheets as a test for bumbling-idiocy if you wish.

You can print these directly from your browser using the Adobe Acrobat plugin after clicking on the desired link below, or download them for later use by right-clicking and selecting "save target as".


Really Bad
Printer Paper

badprt1.pdf (388k)



Moderately Bad
Printer Paper

badprt2.pdf (329k)



Marginally Bad
Printer Paper

badprt3.pdf (168k)




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