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Spider Excitement!

The Toilet Seat Surprise!

Place one to three spiders inside the toilet seat protector dispenser. The proper placement will cause the spiders to come out when the very next sheet of seat protector is removed.  Unless the dispenser is unusually full, you should have no trouble sliding the spiders into proper position (spiders shown above the desired position in the photo at left) which would make them hidden until used.

Don't forget to thank your management for being so thoughtful to place such an important safety device in the bathroom!

The Copier Paper Tray Shock!

For a surefire "yelp" from the copy room, place a few spiders inside the paper tray.

Be careful to NOT put any spiders atop the paper-- as they could "gum up the works". (NOTE:-- perform this maneuver AT YOUR OWN RISK-- improper placement will damage the copier!)

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