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Mouse Ball Pool

Improves Coordination!

Cures Fatigue!

Eliminates dandruff!

April fresh smell!

Mouse Ball Pool is rocketing in popularity as the best way to improve libido while at the same time losing weight!

This adaptation of the common billiards style pool was first popularized by the Hindu monks of the Georgian province of Siberia.  Long used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes, common mouse balls amplify their benefits when played as a tabletop game either singly or by pairs of adults (note that children under 9 are urged to abstain from play).

What you need:

  • Six books.
  • Ten mouse balls of one color and shape.
  • One mouse (or track) ball of different color.
  • Pencil with eraser.
  • Table with 2 ft by 3 ft flat playing area.


  • Arrange the six books as shown in the photo below. Pay close attention to the spacing between the books as this space should be about twice the diameter of the balls.
  • Place the 10 matching mouse balls near one end and arrange them in the pattern as shown below.
  • Marking the balls with different numbers, stripes and colors is optional and dependent on the variant of game played.


The game of Mouseball Pool is played very similar to that of standard billiards. The non-matching mouse ball (called the cue ball) is used to hit the matching mouse balls and propel them out of the game playing area by means of the reactive force of physical contact. The cue mouse ball is propelled by a jolt from the rubberized tip of the pencil eraser. There are various techniques that can be used to propel the cue ball with the pencil. The pencil point can be used to poke nearby onlookers who get too close. The game ends when all the matching mouse balls are outside the playing zone. The fewer times the cue ball needs to be hit, the better the score.

Please beware of the following caveats:

  • Compaq mouse balls count double as they have their own minds.
  • Naturally Red mouse balls are sacred and cannot be used.
  • Books published by Microsoft Press make for a more lively court.
  • Your computer network speed will increase during game play times.



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