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Mouseball Bowling

Mouse Ball Bowling

Exorcise Boredom!
Relieve Stress!
Build your body in 12 ways!
Better than Viagra!
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Mouse Ball Bowling is the newest rage to sweep the globe. With just one mouse ball, some paper and tape, and a convenient hallway, you can experience the pleasure that this new sport has to offer!

Mouseball Bowling from above

What's Needed:

  • One mouse or track ball, any color.
  • Ten sheets of paper.
  • Ten snippets of tape.
  • One dead end hallway.


  • Take a sheet of paper and gently roll it up into a tube with approximately a two inch diameter.  Tape the paper so it maintains the cylindrical shape.
  • Repeat the rolling and taping of the paper for nine additional sheets of paper.
  • Stand the ten paper tubes at the end of the hallway in the pattern shown in the above photo with approximately a three inch spacing between them.
smiley shop


To play Mouse Ball Bowling you need to toss the mouse ball along the floor in the direction of the paper rolls with the intent of knocking down as many as possible (very much like normal bowling).

  • Regulation play requires players to release the mouse ball no less than twelve feet from the front most paper roll, but this can be shortened to as little as ten feet for non-regulation beginner play.
  • Please note that top weighted paper rolls, rolls of more than four inches in diameter or mouse balls which have not been cleaned of lint are not allowed in regulation play. Paper rolls that have printing on them or are of colors other than white are allowed, although plain white paper rolls are preferred.

Join a league!

Mouseball Bowling leagues are being formed throughout the world all the time-- one may still have openings left in your area!  Click Here to find out about league membership!




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