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The Hawaiian Good Luck Remedy

Hawaiian Good Luck Remedy Instructions:

  1. With your RIGHT hand, turn the palm upward and fold in all your fingers except the thumb and middle finger.
  2. Place your outstretched arm, with your hand oriented as shown in the photo to the right, near the center of the computer monitor.
  3. Move your hand and arm in a counterclockwise circle just inside the perimeter of the viewable area of the monitor.
  4. While moving your hand counterclockwise, you must repeat the following incantation six times:
    "Out you daemons of stupidity"
  5. Finally, with your left hand, actuate the computers reset button and immediately proceed to the nearest coffee machine for a cup of java.. or smoke'em if you gottem!

Computer programmers and engineers are obviously a sadistic lot. The imfamous "Blue Screen Of Death" is now a common sight in offices worldwide.

Most computer users think they are powerless when confronted with the dreaded blue monster.

There IS something you can do when you get the BSOD!---

The Hawaiian Good Luck Remedy!

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