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The TIRED page

Before you read on...

Breathe in and then make a nice loud and relaxing yawn!

When you are tired, the best thing to do is to get some rest. For those that must stay at their desks, play the COVER SOUND so others hear you work. The cover sound can also help cover up your snoring.

You should find a comfortable point at which you can lean forward with your elbow on the desk and your hand holding your forehead that balances your head from side to side motion. Once you find the balance point, you can safely take your snooze. (beware of your drool-- make sure it cannot drip on your clothes or important documents.).

For those that can leave their desk, you should place a GLOP-1 on your desk to thwart those who would try to locate you. Once you leave the desk, find a quiet place where you can privately rest.

Best places to nap...

  • At home
  • An end stall in the bathroom.
  • The elevator room on the roof.
  • The telephone room.
  • An electrical closet.
  • Under the table in the boardroom.
  • On the couch in the presidents office (assuming it's a good golf day).

It is always best to have a book open to a page with plenty of text on it while you nap.

NOTE: This photo shows a man who has died. He is not asleep. Workers face upward when dead, and sideways when sleeping.


  • Thirty minutes of Geekercize or a session of Twister..
  • Practice your aim with a Potato Gun or Bug Gun.
  • Backup your computer onto floppy disks.
  • Slam the desk drawer on your finger or spill hot coffee on your lap.



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