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For the most effective RAZZ, you should select the situations below that are most appropriate in your life right now.

State of Mind...     I'm--
Stressed out...
Pissed off...
Pissed on...

My Problem is...
Desk is a lunchroom...
Strangers using my PC...
Cube next to the printer...
Waay tuu Busy!
The annoying phone!

I'm about to...
Get divorced...
Tie the knot...
Quit my job...
Break something...
Kill my boss!!...
Kill my co-worker!!...

How to...
Call in sick...
Leave work early...
Get more money...
Wake up the desk zombies...

Quick Tricks...
Bubble Wrapped Tires
Solitaire Screensaver
Fun with plastic spiders
Printer Fun

I Feel Like...
Kicking someone...
Calling in sick...
Trashing this place..

roach coffee
Mmmm Mmmm good?

Sick Call Excuse Generator
Save the anguish of deciding which excuse to use for your next mental health day!

Insult Generator
give them a piece of your mind!

RAZZ Mood Music...(from Amazon)
Wierd Al Yankovich

Running With Scissors
Dare To Be Stupid
Greatest Hits

Da Yoopers
For Diehards Only
One Can Short of a 6 Pack
Yoopy Da Wah

The power of the mouse....



And they say Cheeze is powerful!
Watch the world change quickly when one of these fine rubberized mice is spotted.  Not for the faint of heart!
CLICK HERE if you want one for yourself!

Your co-worker bringing that annoying kid into work too often?

The answer to "child abuse" at the office is one of these fine desktop skulls.  Looks and feels like the real thing
Guaranteed to keep the smaller ones away (unless they're weird).

CLICK HERE for more info.

NOTE: a FULL SKELETON is also available (for  weird kids).




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