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Printer Slavery!

To the casual observer, having a printer next to your desk is a sign of prestige, of stature.  This is the case as long as that printer is not available for others on the network...  For those with networkable printers at their desks, they are branded as PRINTER SLAVES.

Printer slavery has annoyed people through the decade and there is no hope on the horizon.  With the dawn of dedicated "printer servers", printer slaves were hopeful of being emancipated-- only to be let down when they were apparently the only people on earth that could possibly replenish the paper or remove a paper jam (or even add toner).

Once a printer slave-- always a printer slave!

Common Misconceptions:

  • Having a nearby printer is a perk.  WRONG-- Having a ready-made excuse to take a five minute walk away from your desk is a perk!
  • Having access to many printers is better. WRONG-- having access to only one printer can get you a "half day" when it's gone down!

Visit our Bad Printer Paper page and stock up on blank paper that looks as if the printer is in need of repair.

The ultimate way to get some peace and quiet-- or to stall off a dreaded printing job for a while.

Put a few of these pre-streaked sheets into the printer and, when they come out with your printing atop the streaks, it's quite obvious that there is something wrong with the printer.

Great fun, dirty fun, but doesn't mess up your hands, desk or clothes!

CLICK HERE for the bad printer paper page.

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