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OddSpace Locator -- HOME : RAZZ : Pissed On

So You're being...

Pissed On...

Worse than being "pissed off", being "pissed on" adds extreme rage to the heightened anger of the POff.

Avoid violence in handling the PO, as there are much better ways to divert the BS...

To cure being Pissed On you might...

  • Place bubble wrap on the bastards tires.
  • Place a fake roach in his coffee cup.
  • Place fake bird poop on the bastards car windshield.
  • Make Solitaire his windows screen saver.
  • Place a few copies of our "bad printer" paper in his printer. (coming soon)
  • Calibrate the bastards mouse with hairs and dust.
  • Set his mouse for "left handed" operation (only valid if the person does not have it set this way already).

Quick Cheats

Some responses to being pissed on that you might not want to act out are:

  • Send someone a vase of poison ivy.
  • Put "Skunk Scent" in a perfume bottle and give it as a gift.
  • Put spent coffee grounds on someones chair.
  • Sign someone up for junk e-mail.

Bird poop, when you can't find a cooperating bird!




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