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Overloaded With WORK!

If your desk looks like the one to the right... it can only mean one thing (ok-- perhaps three)... that you are deluged with WORK!

How to avoid WORK!...

  • Follow our work diet program
  • Get lost for a while
  • Place a few rubber mice in the right spots near the entrance to your cubicle.
  • Scream at anyone who approaches "I have new socks on"-- and grin wildly while slapping your face alternately with your hands.
  • Act as if you have amnesia and don't remember anything.

Cure for being Waaay Tuu Busy!...

  • Tell everyone that you have died.
  • Have all your phone calls forwarded to a non working number
  • Eat a full clove of Garlic before work and during lunch.(adding a large helping of bean stew helps also)
  • Clean all the papers off your desk and then "accidentally" throw out the boxes of papers. (this is also known as the Clean Slate technique).



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