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How To...

Leave Work Early
(and NOT get caught)


  • Place GLOP-1 on desk (see below)
  • Casually point out to your coworker that you cannot login to the network and you are waiting for the IS guy to fix it. Tell them that you're going to a different desk until its fixed and then disappear.
  • Bring in an old coat or jacket and leave it at your chair (perhaps with other unneeded personal belongings) and then leave to pick up a print job and never return.
  • Report that your tooth is now bothering you and you MUST see the dentist NOW. (this is better than a faked ankle sprain as you do not need to wear a bandage the next day).
  • Open up a technical manual to a page either with a large table or a schematic on it and then place the receiver of the phone next to it on the desk. Make sure the computer has an application open somewhat related to the tech manual page before you leave.

the glop-1 in action!Get lost
for a while!

Getting away from the stress of the day, for an hour or the rest of the day is best done with the assistance of our GLOP-1 device.

The GLOP-1, properly placed at your work area, will convince anyone looking for you that you have other, more important problems to tend to than whatever they want to dump on you.

By thwarting the search for your whereabouts in its infancy, your options for stress escape are expanded and on returning you will be greeted with kindness and compassion instead of the customary "where were you" greeting received without using the GLOP-1.

For more information on this revolutionary device,
or to place an order Click Here!




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