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So, you are Bored...

Quick Cheats

To cure boredom you may not want to do the following:

  • Wash your hair in the toilet.
  • Empty the hole punch on the nearest person.
  • Cut your boss' tie in half.
  • Sing "Howdy Doody Time" on the paging system.

Boredom is a state of mind...
not a state of being!

 It should be avoided at all costs because the longer you remain in the bored state, the more boring you will personally become!

There is no cure for permanent boredom!

Our solutions for boredom may not work in all cases, and are likely to be dangerous or addictive. Please use your best judgment should you decide to act on these potential boredom cures.  Use them at your own risk and remember to never run with scissors!

Common Misconceptions..

  • Playing SOLITAIRE keeps your mind active.  Wrong-- it draws you deeper and deeper into boredom until you become a card-zombie!
  • Talking to co-workers keeps the mind working.  Wrong-- it only serves to turn your mind to mush, while at the same time making the day drag on longer.
  • Photos of family on your desk are uplifting.  Wrong -- family photos do nothing more than remind you of chores waiting at home.

Cure your boredom by....

  • Searching for teapots on the Windows Pipes screensaver.
  • Shooting potatoes, bugs or gliders at people who walk by.
  • Edit your last document so that every word uses a different font and size.
  • See how high you can bounce your mouse ball.
  • Make a gate to your cubicle by linking paper clips.
  • Make a high power slingshot out of rubber bands, pencils and tape
  • Printing the Windows Printer Test Page on every printer in the building and then retrieving it.
  • Download and print photos of presidents, autograph them and hang them on your wall.

If you are a member of a bored group...





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