Frequently Asked Questions

about the Get Odd Company and its stores...



What are the details of your refund/return policies?

We are quite liberal in the interpretation of our satisfaction guarantee-- in the customers favor always. The official wording is that if you wish to return your purchase for a refund, please do so within the first 30 days.  We start counting the 30 days from the date your item is shipped.  We would have worded this to be 30 days from whence you receive the items, but it is often hard for us to determine that date.  In general, we are not "nit pickers" regarding the specific date-- if you are unhappy with your purchase, send it back and we'll issue a refund as long as you are reasonably close to being within the 30 day time frame.

We would like to know why someone is unhappy with their order, but that is only to allow us to improve our products or services.  Why someone wants a refund has no effect on its being issued.  You need not give a reason for desiring a refund, it's helpful for us if you do-- but not required.

There is no such thing as a restocking fee.  You need not worry about having all the shipping materials in "as new" condition.  Just send the item back.

It is best if you email us before sending an item back for refund or exchange.  Usually we issue a credit to your charge card at the time you notify us of your desire for a refund, and trust that you will indeed ship the items back to us.  This speeds up the process for you tremendously.

We refund the entire purchase price of the items that you wish to return-- BUT NOT ANY SHIPPING/HANDLING CHARGES charged.  

You will have to pay for the shipping on getting the returned goods to us.  We do not care which service you use-- just pack them as carefully as you can and include either a copy of your invoice, a letter, or some other identifying information with your package. It is very sad when we receive items back and have to go through our records to try to figure out who sent them-- who to issue a refund to.  We don't want to slow up your refund, so please put your name somewhere on the package. We really appreciate a copy of your invoice, or the order number too!


Can I exchange an item?

Yes! We would much rather accommodate an item exchange as opposed to a refund. Just let us know what you wish done, and we'll bend over backwards to make you happy. If your exchange is for 100% or more of your original order, we will waive the shipping/handling charges to ship the item to you via our standard shipping.   For exchanges of items that are parts of an order, we will quote you on an individual basis.  We value our customers very highly and there are times when we can waive the extra charges-- this is item dependent, however.


Where do I ship my item for refund?

Due to our location in rural snow country, the address where we recommend people send returned goods varies depending on the time of year.  Our main facility is "out in the boonies" and at times hard on the delivery services to reach.  While we may not have a problem dealing with a foot of snow on the road, I cannot say that the shippers like to deal with it. If you were to envision your outgoing package strapped to the back of a snowmobile zooming off to the post office, you are not far off the mark.

With this in mind, we have a close associate who can receive our packages at a location that is "in town" and nearly always easily reached by the shipping services.

This time of year it is best to send returned items to us at:

ATTN: Get Odd
c/o Michael Dell
4283 Three Mile Road
Traverse City,  MI  49686

We highly recommend you send us an email ahead of time. 
Sending your email to (or anyone here-- we do speak amongst each other) will get a speedy reply with an address to ship to that will receive the quickest response. Some items are shipped from warehouses out west, in addition to our Michigan facility and in some situations, your package can be returned to those locations for faster service.


How do I return what I purchased?

Returning an item for refund, replacement or exchange is fairly simple.  Since we get few of these, the human who receives your package gives it plenty of attention and care.  This is one of the benefits of dealing with a "mom & pop" operation as we are-- us gnomes DO have faces!

Simply box the item up as best you can and include a note inside with what you wish us to do. That's it.  While it is nice to have a copy of your original invoice, it is not required.  We do need to know who sent us the items-- and what you wish done.  By default, we assume all returned goods are from people who wish a full product refund.  If you wish otherwise, please make that known somehow.

You should use a method of shipment that is reliable.  Most shippers are reliable-- but, if we do not receive the returned package from you, we cannot act on your request. 

If you can possibly send us an email before shipping the item, it would be greatly appreciated. Emailing us at beforehand will speed up your request greatly.  We will also be able to advise you on the best location for you to ship the item to.

Please see "Where to ship returned goods".


What if my item was damaged in shipment?

Shipping delicate ceramic figurines, glass items and similar items is always dangerous-- no matter how well packed they are. We realize this and try our best to make sure that you receive your goods in perfect condition.  Sometimes, however, your box gets chosen to go through the postal system crush-break test-- or so it seems.

If your item is not perfect, drop an email to us at  and tell us what happened.  We will get right back to you with instructions on what to do.  In some cases, we just ship out a replacement item and not trouble you with shipping a broken item back to us-- just to have it tossed into the trash. We go out on a limb that few retailers do-- we trust our customers.   The honest customers should not have to be inconvenienced or pay for the dishonest customers. 

Please see "Where to ship returned goods".



What is your address?

The Get Odd Company operates out of a small facility just outside a small town in the northwest part of Michigans lower peninsula.  Empire, MI is on the shore of Lake Michigan and about 25 miles west of Traverse City. Our precise location is about 7 miles outside the small village of Empire, near the Empire Municipal Airport and at the southern reaches of Leelanau County.

5375 W Beeman Road
Empire, MI  49630



What are your email addresses?

A while back, before the advent of "spam bots" you could send email to nearly any username at or one of our other domains (,,,, and they would reach an appropriate person here at the Get Odd company. 

Sadly, we have been forced to change our email system (and remove all the clickable email links on the websites) because of the enormous amount of SPAM (unsolicited bulk commercial email-- and viruses!) that were clogging up our inboxes. Because of this, certain former email addresses that we previously used for communication are invalid and will now "bounce" the email back to the sender.  We are sorry for the added inconvenience, but surely you understand. 

Please send all emails to


What if some of my order is backordered?

If your order cannot be shipped out entirely at the time you place the order, we will generally ship out what we have on hand immediately and then ship out the rest of your order as soon as it arrives.  We try our best to maintain an adequate stock of items, however there are times when we receive unexpected demands or have difficulty receiving supplies from our suppliers.

You are only billed for the items that are shipped at the time of shipment.  Backordered items are therefore only billed to your account when they do ship out to you.

When your order is split into separate boxes due to a backorder condition, you are not charged additional shipping/handling charges for the extra shipments. You pay the shipping/handling charge just once per order.  I no way is the customer penalized financially for our lack of items in our stockroom.


Can I combine items from multiple GetOdd stores on one order?

Sadly, because of constraints in our internet shopping cart systems, the software will not allow you to combine items from certain stores with items from certain other stores. 

We greatly regret this condition, but software limitations put us at a loss here. One of the drawbacks of being so small is that we cannot afford the high prices for a more robust shopping cart system.  Eventually we will overcome this handicap, but for the moment, please bear with us.

If you wish to order items across multiple GetOdd affiliated stores, you should place an order for goods at one of the stores and then promptly send an email to and tell us what other products you would like to order that were not shown on the original order that you entered.  We will respond and confirm your request quickly and at that point give you your order total and inform you on when you should expect the items to arrive.

We really hate to put people through this type of extra work, but at the moment, it is the fact of life for us.


Will you send me an email when my order is shipped?

If you specifically ask for a confirming email we will honor your request.

Normally we do not send out email confirmations of an order shipment. For some UPS shipments a tracking number will be emailed from the UPS QuantumView system.

In general, we only email if there are problems in the processing of your order. If you have provided us your email (it is NOT required for ordering) and you do not hear back from us, then your order processed and shipped normally.

Just make sure to leave us your email address at checkout. -- The email is not required at checkout, but it's pretty darn hard to send you an email if you don't tell us what it is in the first place (duh).  Of course, you would need to have your spam filtering setup to allow emails from our 'cs' email address in order to get these status update emails.

From time to time spammers and viruses seem to spoof our email servers domain and we end up as yet another innocent victim on the 'black hole' lists that some ISP's filter mail with.  If you do not receive an email confirmation of your order it does not mean your order did not ship out-- but more likely that something filtered out our email response along the way.  This same filtering can filter out our innocent responses to your inquiries regarding shipping too.


Do you ship internationally or overseas?


We do ship smaller orders of Rubber Ducky themed items to customers in Canada. We do not ship orders to countries other than the USA and Canada unless such orders are to US servicemen overseas via the Military postal system (APO/FPO).


Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Of course we do.   Be advised that if your order contains an item with an item number beginning with the letter "v", your order will be delayed an extra week (before we ship it out!) if it goes to an APO/FPO address. Rubber Ducky orders to APO/FPO addresses go right out immediately.

Where is Empire?

Empire is a small village on the shoreline of Lake Michigan in what is known to Michiganders as "the pinky region".  People from Michigan typically use their left hand to describe locations in their home state.  Detroit is at the knuckle under the thumb, etc.  Empire would then be at approximately the left edge of your left hands pinky-nail.  On the map, you should look for the town of Traverse City and then know that Empire is about 25 miles west of there.

Empire is in a beautiful part of the world.  We have the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore nearby,  the Manitou Islands, Glen Lake, and many fine places to visit in scenic Leelanau and Benzie counties.  Empire was at one time a major lumber port, but is now a fine tourist destination for summer fun or winter skiing/snowmobiling.  We also have great hunting and fishing  Leelanau county and adjoining areas is also becoming a popular retirement area for midwesterners who desire a slower pace of life-- though wish to live in an area with an unusual richness in natural beauty and culture.

For those who seek to spend their lives (as we do) living in a more wholesome environment, this region is hard to beat.  Friendly people, low crime, unusually rich cultural facilities (amongst the many resources is the nearby world renowned Interlochen Arts Institute), and an area that has managed to retain wholesome ethics and attitudes.

Every year we have our annual hazing.  Starting in mid November, and continuing until mid April, Leelanau county is usually besieged by snow.  We get anywhere from 150-220 inches of snowfall a year.  Through most of the winter, you cannot see Leelanau county on the Weather Channel radar as it is under a "white blob" of snow clouds.  People looking for an easy-ride do not settle up here, as they soon realize that winter life requires additional labor. Those who do settle up here have a special bond and appreciate life and nature more than our southern neighbors tend to.



Why are there Coke cans in product photos?

Unlike most other web-stores, we spend extra efforts to try to present to you as much information about our products as possible.  We take the attitude that the customer is best served when given the most information that is possible.  We assume you are intelligent and make thoughtful purchases.

Since we cannot provide the "touchy-feely" experience online (yet), and the best we can do is to provide as many product photos as possible.  By doing this, you can get a better feel for what we are selling-- and make a better determination as to whether it fits your needs.

The Coke cans (or other props) are put in the photos to provide you with a reference as to the size of our products.  We can give you textual product sizes, but there it nothing that replaces actually seeing an item in the presence of other items of known size.  Since we all (or so I assume) have a pretty good impression as to the size of a standard 12oz "soda can", it makes for a reasonably good device to allow you to gauge the size of the various products.

We have no special relationship with the Coca Cola company.  The Coke can was chosen solely because it was handy.  Would you have rather seen a bottle of Miller Genuine Draft instead?-- I think not.  



Some product photos are not very appealing, why do you feature them?

Some items are easier to photograph than others.  Most of the photos (all the ones with the Coke cans) are taken by us.  We do not profess to be professional photographers, though we do get better with time.  The photos are put on the sites with the intention to provide you with more information as to the products features, size or shape.  Some photos, while not eye catching (like the photo of the back side of the smiling cow cookie jar-- a nice cow moon) are in the store so that you can see what the back of the product looks like. 

Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with an accurate and realistic description of what we sell.  This is critical to your satisfaction. If you don't like looking at the back side of that cow cookie jar on the website,  I doubt you would like looking at it any more when it's on your kitchen counter.

In some cases our product descriptions reveal a fact that might reduce the items salability (for example-- our classic rubber ducks do not float upright) we will lose a few sales of that item. We regret that, but the real loser if we held back vital information about a product would be us. Our credibility is important.  If you purchase an item from us and find that it was misrepresented in our store, you will never trust us again-- and likely tell all your friends. This would be much more devastating to us than it would be for you. We realize this fact and strive to be as honest, forthwright and truthful as we can be.  The old addage "honesty is the best policy" did not become a widely quoted addage without cause.



What sites are part of Get Odd?

There are a great many websites that are part of the Get Odd Company.


Can I have my purchase gift wrapped?

Sadly, not at this time.



Can I pay by check?

We love to get checks-- just as much as we enjoy credit card payment.  Checks, money orders, and other similar devices are all welcome for the purchase of our products.   Paying by check does tend to slow the process down somewhat, but just a little bit.

Please make your check payable to:   GET ODD

You can mail your order to: 

Get Odd
5375 W Beeman Road
Empire, MI  49630



Can I order by mail, fax, or telephone?

YES and NO
Some of our stores have a convenient page at checkout that you can print out and mail in to place your order   For purchases using stores without such a page all you have to do is print out the shopping cart summary page and then include your shipping information.   Of course, you also need to include a check or money order to pay for the merchandise along with your order sheet.  We are not particular at all about the precise form you use to submit the order, as long as we can figure out what it is you wish to purchase and where to send it.  You are welcome to scratch your order using a charcoal briquette onto an old napkin and mail that to us... if we can read it, you'll get your stuff.

We recently disconnected our fax line-- 98% of what it received were advertising offers for travel or 'hot stock picks'.  It had become a costly waste of resources, sad to report.

We are not setup to accept orders by telephone at this time.  We did give it a try (telephone ordering) a while back and found that the very great majority of calls we received were telemarketers and others looking for donations or handouts.  Very very few calls were customer inquiries or orders, making it hard to justify having a person man the phone just to receive annoyance calls.

Email is by far the best way to contact us. 

You can mail your order to: 

Get Odd
5375 W Beeman Road
Empire, MI  49630



Can I have my order shipped COD?



Can I pay using Pay Pal?

Sadly, NO


What is your standard shipping/handling charge?

Our standard shipping/handling charge varies depending on the total dollar amount of your order.  The charges vary somewhat from store to store and depend on some complicated variables. For most products, standard shipping uses the US Postal services Priority Mail or United Parcel Service ground products.   The vast bulk of the orders we ship use the USPS Priority Mail service.  This service has a 2-3 day (USPS quoted time) delivery "estimate", and appears to be the best value for our customers. If your order is large or heavy and cannot be shipped via UPS it may be shipped via USPS Parcel Post, which is a bit slower than Priority Mail. Be aware that should you learn of an Anthrax (or other) scare affecting a postal facility within 300 miles of your location all bets are off when it comes to postal transit times.

Visit our Shipping Rates page.


Where can I find your company policies?

Our main company policy page can be reached by clicking right here.

The official URL for our policy page is:


Are your rubber ducks made with real rubber?

Only our "Genuine Rubber Duck" (currently unavailable 1/2009) is made with the real thing-- Latex rubber from Malaysia.  Our other rubber ducks are made with various formulations of vinyl, or plastic.  The HP ducks are made with a hard plastic (not squeezable).  We use the term "rubber duck" not to mislead people, but because that term has become a generic way to refer to small duck-like bath toys. Genuine latex rubber ducks are rare.  Genuine rubber is more expensive than the vinyl and plastic formulations commonly found in modern "rubber" ducks, and make for a very soft duck that is sometimes preferrable, sometimes not.  The current formulations of vinyl provide duck toys that are every bit as good as genuine rubber, and in many instances, superior


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