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chia pet dump in new mexico
field o chia

"Unless something is done immediately, nearly all the red-rock formations in New Mexico will be covered with Chia Pet plants in five years"

chia valley

The results of improper Chia Pet disposal has become a major ecological problem in the state of New Mexico.

Illegal Chia Pet Dump found in New Mexico!

Most people give little thought to what becomes of thier Chia pets after the holiday season has become history

It's very sad that few Chia owners realize that the proper disposal of thier Chia Pet is crucial in averting potential environmental disasters.

The photos to the left depict just two localized outbreaks of  what has now been dubbed "Wild Chia", which presently is spreading wildly along the I-40 corridor in New Mexico.

The actual Chia plant is not native on our globe, but was created artificially under laboratory conditions in an effort to promote the sale of clay pottery and sound activated electrical switches.

What happens when the Chia Pet plants are allowed to propagate in the wild is currently New Mexico's worst ecological nightmare this century.

According to a report recently published in the ECOLOGICAL TIMES by renowned botanist Alex Mendelsohn of the Maine Institute, the problem is immense.

"Unless something is done immediately, nearly all the red-rock formations in New Mexico will be covered with Chia Pet plants in five years" warns Mendelsohn.

"The natural landscape of New Mexico is ideal habitat for Chia Pet plants and closely resembles the clay pottery they were designed to thrive on" he adds.

Chia Pet plants have few known natural enemys, most of which are too busy fishing to assist in the New Mexico disaster. 

Without anything to check the spread of these plants, they will cover the state in a short time and ultimately destroy all life on earth.


To properly dispose of your Chia Pet, you should contact the Chia Disposal Hotline at 1-800-555-3344. You should NEVER discard Chia Pet plants in the trash, flush down the toilet or incinerate them yourself.




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