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Odd News Archives -- Complete listing

$20 bills recalled (not Y2k)
50% is exactly half
60 Days No Pay
A Hundred Bucks
Abernathe Gets Probation
ACLU Calls For Boycott
Air Bags Recalled
Air Force drops basic training
Air Force unveils new F15v Hop Jet
Air Force unveils new Apache Attack Backhoe
Al Gore switching parties?
Al Gore sued by Vote-A-Matic
Alzeimers patients undercounted by census
Amphibious Space Shuttle
American Standard to change
American Standard releases version 4.0
Android Development Speeds Up
Animal Rights Activists Confound Chinese
Anthrax Scare hits Vermont
AOL offers 500 free hours
Apple Sues Bin Laden
Apple G8 Sales Explode
Arctic Flu commemorative Trans Am
Asteroid 433 Eros made of cheese
Awards Show Awards date set
Baby Changers Add Asian and Latino
Baseball players feeling better
Bargain Government Laptops for sale

Berger King adds PookeMoon Poppers
Berkley City Council tours Afghan caves
Bio-Terror Postal Rate Announced
Blarney Stone deemed unhealthy- closed down

Block Sues Ad Agency
Bob Barr faces Extortion Charges relocates headquarters
Botanists Research Stem Cells
Bowflex Survey Results- Let It Slide
Broken Windows?
Brown Pine trees making comeback
Big Bang photo found on Mars
Bill of Rights unconstitutional
Bondai Blue Translucent VW Bug
Burger Wars heat up
Burger Exports Halted
Bush cabinet completed
California Power Crisis
California Power Crisis due to Piezo Power delay
California gets power from Seattle earthquake
California energy crisis- windfall for survivalists
Californians to bathe weekly to conserve water
California lottery posts record profits
Can Chad Count?
Casket stocks soar

Census Questioned
Cereal Killer Gets Breakfast
Chia-Duck Available Soon
Chia Pets threaten New Mexico
Chinese provide new Black Berets for military
Citibank Stock value doubles after Y2K check penalties
Chrysler Retro Carriage
Clinton pardons Timothy McVegh
Clinton Presidential Library opens
Clinton Hires Arthur Anderson
Civil Air Patrol to get F16 jets
Cock Fighting Linked to Aspartame
Colored Cocaine Available Soon
Cold Fusion now a reality
Cola usage tied to TV lip sync
Cong of Churches eye 1cent/min Salvation rate
Congressional Stimulus Package Fails
Cows Declared Mans Best Friend
Cloud ID program begins
Cloning Debate Rages
Cola war heats up as Sino Cola arrives in US
CRT Pollution banned
Discount Pentagon Tours
Crop circles finally explained
DNC Donor complaint website online
Doughboy Returns to work at Pillsbury
Drowning solution found
Drug dog forced into retirement
Duracell & Ray-O-Vac California Bound
Eastern Air Lines offers Nudist Class Service
Easy money from gun buy-back program
Egg Shortage Expected
Egyptian Chia flourishes
End Of Rainbow Found
Eternal Flame gets more Fuel
EuroDollar contains Lincolns Nose
Family Values At Record High
Farming on Jupiter?
Federal Reserve Cuts Rate to Zero
Flatulation Banned In LA
Free Liposuction
Free Web Access
Ford Reintroduces Maverick
Fox Sports to use Ball Cam
Food Court TV debuts
Georgia quarter deemed lucky
Geologists Clone Stones
Giuliani Grand Marshal for Ground Hog Parade
Globel Humidity Down
Go-Stop Switch Catches On
Gov Ventura adopts I-94
Great Pyramid construction method revealed
Ground Hog Day improperly celebrated in Americas
Gravitational Center of Earth to shift
Hainan Island harbors plane eating baterium
Hay recalled nationwide
Heinz 57 upped to 256
Heinz 57 Ordered to Reduce
I Once Was an M&M -- California Raisin
Idaho Family Victim of Toy Act
Inmates released for Y2K
Insurer sponsores Ford air bags
Internet killing trees -- streaming media blamed
Interstate Speed Limit Reduced
Interstate 95 Closing in New Joizey
Iraq may joun the US as 51st State
Iraq War Plans lost to virus
K-Mart hires Peedy the Avatar
KlezWorm removed and photographed
LCD Windows Available Soon
Lexus Motors named in PETI lawsuit
Lewinsky revealed to be Republican Spy
Little League renamed
Lots of Doe
Lumber exports halted

Libyan Beaches Lure Tourists
Mackinaw Bridge declared a wonder

Macintosh Popular with Masons
Mars Polar Lander found
McVegh gets presidential pardon
Meatless Beef Developed
Metric Calendar to drop March and October
Metric Time -- sooner than you think
Midnight Oil Banned
Military Beefing Up
Military to be deregulated
Military goes Rankless
Military Recruitment Overloaded
Miracle Grow banned by AKC
Money Laundering Breakthrough
Monkey Thoughts Decoded
More politicians head to space
More daylight expected
Mother Nature Speaks
MS VBrun300
MSN Butterfly Bites Surfer
Miss USA Disabled due to waves

NAEA Banns Flag
Napster Cash takes off
NASDAQ 2000 Racing problems
National forests to be clear cut
National Park for Nudists
National Traffic Festival in LA
National Pothole Festival in Detroit
NEA Opens New Headquarters
New Coast Guard Search Engine
New Grass Never Needs Mowing
New Jersey pays Billions in Tax suit
New leash combines leash and fishing rod
No-Fault truancy in Ohio
Norton Implantable Anti-Virus
Nostradamux X.72 prediction true
Nuclear War -- Not So Bad
NYC issues pistol permits
NYSE gets new trading floor
Ohio sued over dirt
One legged pidgeon photographed
Opposing Thumb deemed Mutation
Obese Majority Recognised by AMS
Orange Food Stamps Available
PCS Phones recalled -- choking hazard
Pepsi Gets 33c Stamp
Police crackdown begins - passing no passing signs
Postal service cracks down on stamp alignment
President Clinton pardons Timothy McVegh
Psychic Wins Lottery
Punch Cards Outlawed
Ram-A-Lama-Ding-Dong creator found
Retailers Bemoan Abandoned Shopping Carts
Rite-Aid virus spreads to pharmaceuticals
Roman numerals return
Rubber band theory of universe presented
Sasquatch dollar coin arrives in March
EPA declares Speed Traps as pollution source
San Francisco Floods Streets
Saddam moving to Berkley?
Santa Claus to retire
Seagate Returns to Core Business
Sears Unveils Harder Side
Seattle outlaws seat belt use
SETI competition finally won
Senate approves parent day
Senate Fumigation Endangers Mouse
Senate Nixes Allegiance Bill
Shore-To-Shore Trail Announced
Slavery making a comeback
Sleep day April 3
Spanish American war tax on the rise
Standard serving size shrinks
Stealth Bomber on public display
Steven Dell Gets 60 Days In Jail
Stones Cloned!
Straight Answer Penalty Increased
Street Hockey Closed Down
Spatula City to toss cookies
Substance slicker than snot discovered
Sun City Barbie & Ken
Sun Glasses Outlawed on NY Roads
Sunflower Domesticated
Supply Chain management added to curriculum
Swimming Banned in Florida
Taliban Navy Prepares For War
Tax Code Released
Taxes linked to health
Teckno Robotic Dog recalled
Terror in Seattle
Texas-Oklahoma war rekindled
Tidy Bowl Man Found Alive
Tire recalls ground Concorde
Tivo adds Fast Forward
The Amazing Moon
Toddlers Crying for Toys
Tragedy Network Channel debuts
Tuberculosis Makes Comeback

Two Of Ten Commandments Fraudulent
U-Haul celebrattes 200 years
US Government discards all Microsoft products
US Mint offers colorized bills
USPS announces Low Priority mail
Volkswagen trademarks Y2K Bug
Wal-Mart Post Begins Service
WBEG all begging radio format successful
West Virginia is 2002 State of the Union
Wild Goose Chase
Windows Agent gets virus
Windows logo part of terrorist plot
Windows unstable in zero gravity
Windows to have STOP button
What's For Dinner
White House to be destroyed
Quickrete not Y2K
Xantham Gum Explosive Tested
Y2K inventor found!
Y2K Driver backordered
Yellow Trucks To Be Painted

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