Put spring into your car!

Put more OOMPH in your engine with Piston springsAs Seen on the WEB

  • Increased power!
  • Better fuel economy!
  • Longer engine life!
  • Installs easily—just like spark plugs! <15 min.



How they work:

Piston Springs fit inside the combustion chamber above the piston.   These specially crafted springs assist the crankshaft in moving the piston down after it has reached it's topmost position.oooh-- gold springs

Additional improvement in performance is obtained because the coiled structure of the springs causes the fuel charge to swirl in the cylinder chamber during combustion.  This aids in balancing the combustive forces and leads to a cleaner burn with less heat and more power.


ahhh-- blue springsThese improvements boost engine performance by about 20% for our regular springs, or 25% when using our Turbo-Gold spring set.


Included with your set of piston springs is our special applicator tool.  This tool allows you to insert the springs through your existing spark plug holes. Simply remove your existing spark plug, insert the spring and then replace the spark plug--- as simple as that!   A typical installation takes only 15 minutes (slightly longer on trucks).

cheap crapthe good stuff 

Add $9.95 for Shipping/Handling
Minnesota residents add sales tax.
Add $15 for Y2K compliance


Both our standard piston springs and our Turbo-Gold piston springs come with a 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction.   If you are not happy with them, just return them for a full refund—no questions asked!

To Order:  Call 1-800-AprilFool (ask for operator 13)

nice vetteI didn't think there was a way to get more power from my Calloway Vette—but now 0-60 times of 2 seconds are routine, thanks to my Turbo-Gold piston springs!   --- D. Long , Phoenix AZ

big suburbanI never thought of my Suburban as an economy vehicle— but with my piston springs I routinely get 32 miles per gallon—even towing my camper!  ---  J. Farley, Sprinfield IL


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