The Delectable Delightful Grub!

yummy grub

Grubs aren't just for Aborigines any more!

Grubs are Delectable Delights!..
No matter how you slice it!



 Since they come in bite size already, you don't even have to slice them!


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Healthy diets start with healthy food.  Nothing could be more healthy than a bowl of grubs, fresh from the field.

Nutritionists the world over warn of health problems associated with diets of modern overprocessed foods.  Links between food borne chemicals and debilitating disease being discovered every day. Doctors want people to return to more natural diets that have been the staple diet of humans for centuries.

The most nutritious delight of any natural diet can be found in most peoples own yards.  Full of needed protein and tasty (much like chicken) grubs can be found just beneath the grass in many suburban lawns.

There are many fine recipes for preparing Grubs. For the best nutritional benefit, Grubs should be eaten raw.  Raw Grubs have a taste that is indescribable and leaves you craving for more. Boiled Grubs are also delightful, especially when served aside a bed of spinach.  Grubs can even be Fried and breaded, much like clams.

great grub bookRenowned naturalist E. W. Burch has compiled the best known Grub recipes into his book GRUBS ARE GREAT (isbn #11-45-664339) which is available online from Amizone.Com books.  Burch also includes chapters on how best to raise your own Grubs or to search out the places where the most tasty varieties are known to exist.  Burch shows how, with proper cultivation, a yard as small as 12' by 12' can supply enough Grubs to keep a family of four fed for an entire year!

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