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GetOdd recognizes the inhumane pressures that MIS, IT, and "Computer Support" (a/k/a "the hired geek") is put under on a daily basis.

angry computerIn our never ending struggle to tighten the binds of your straight jacket, we've assembled some tools to  help you quickly answer the oft asked questions--- "What went wrong" and "How did you fix it". Questions, for which you cannot possibly provide an answer that the client could understand.

What went wrong?
(MouseOver the firemen for suggestion) .

Firemen:  How you look at the daily problems-- a never ending stream of fires to put out! Every problem is "life or death"-- or so they think!

How was it fixed?
(MouseOver the asprin for suggestion).

Asprin: What you need plenty of during the day to keep your headaches at bay.

The common problem for the day is:

Coming Soon...

Top 10 reasons why only an IS tech can reload the printer paper bin.


Post on the wall near the helpdesk and let people know your time is not free!

Eat Tea Go Home

Demystify those cryptic Windows error messages-- find out what really is wrong!