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NOTE: Some of the items shown for sale on this page (shirts, hats, mugs) are being sold through an affiliation with and carry the satisfaction guarantee of,
which is different than that of the GetOdd company.


The ultimate fashion statement is to have a fine duck emblazoned on your shirt, coffee mug, hat, poster, bib, teddy bear, lunch box, or tote bag.

CLICK HERE for the Just Ducky items
from Cafe Press.

Beware of... MOBY DUCK!

It finally happened, a photo has been made of the legendary daemon of the Pacific-- Moby Duck!

Now we have proof.  And you can have ol' Moby gracing your presence whenever you want.  Shirts, Mugs and Mousepads.
(for the mousepad see below).

CLICK HERE for Moby Duck!
from Cafe Press.


The mousepads are also in the Quackelaneous section of the duck shop.

Print your own shirts & pads?  Check out our DO IT YOURSELF page.

Ducky Mousepads

Visit the GetOdd Shirt/Mug/Pad gallery
for more fun fashion statements!

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