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Rubber Ducky Windows Screen Savers!

All the ducks are excited about these screen savers that feature them.  You wouldn't believe what hams they turned out to be during the filming of the animations in these screensavers.

These screen savers are designed to work on computers running Windows 95 or newer operating systems.  They were created in Macromedia Flash 4 and converted to screensavers with ShowTime 3 from

These screensavers are totally free, and are here for your use AT YOUR OWN RISK.  At present, I am calling them "beta" versions, as I plan to refine them in the near future.  They are NOT the end product of months of labor, so don't expect a Rembrandt. Your comments would be most appreciated. Ideas for new screensavers are also very much welcomed.  Sorry, if you want to make money off your suggested screensaver idea-- submit it someplace else.  All suggestions will become property of GetOdd who will thereafter place them for free in the public domain.  I don't plan to make money off these either.

You should not experience any difficulty installing and uninstalling these screensavers.  Right click on the desired version and select "save target as" to download it to your hard drive.  Once on your machine, simply double-click the file and follow the simple directions.  Remember, use these AT YOUR OWN RISK. They are created with no hidden "nasties" and in honest good faith.

Please also note: With all these screensavers you can use the standard Windows password protection features.  This allows your ducky to act as a computer security guard.

Comments and suggestions regarding these screensavers should be sent to John Martin at .


DuckMotion version 0.01beta

Watch as numerous of our duckys waddle across the screen or pose for your view in a somewhat random manner.
RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the 1.23meg file. or view the Flash preview.


Combination game and screensaver.
Includes sounds in game.
Mouse active for game use, keyboard exits the screensaver. Great for small kids.

Pin  The Beak on Ducky vers. 0.01beta

This is a combination screensaver and game. The saver part features random images of our ducks waddling or still. Click an on screen button with the mouse and you switch to a "Pin the beak on ducky" game. Great for the wee ones. Game includes sounds. (Used by the RubberDuckLand office staff-- our favorite!)

RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the 1.23meg file, or view the Flash preview.


Devils Gallery version 0.01beta

The Devil Ducky gets in your face with this screensaver. Random images from our mouse pads are interspersed with the Devil himself!
RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the 1.27meg file, or view the Flash preview .


Ducky Gallery version 0.01beta

This is the more conservative cousin to the Devils gallery above. A contented classic duck introduces the semi-random display of ducky images from our Mousepads.
RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the 1.25meg file, or view the Flash preview.

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All images, files, screensavers on this site are copyright (c)2004 by the GetOdd Company, All rights reserved.

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