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Rubber Ducky Image Gallery

Rubber Duckies caught doing their thing out in the world.
(Click on a photo for a larger, more detailed image.)

















mount duckmore 










Bloggers & Forum Posters:

Whenever we stumble across our duckie images being used by someone in their Blog, forum posting or avatar, we are humbled and feel thankful that you thought the image was worthy of being shared with others.  THANKS! -- we mean that wholeheartedly.   It shows that the effort spent creating the rubber duckie artwork wasn't a total waste of time.  

If you have the ability to host the image on your own server (as opposed to using a link to the file hosted on our server) please copy the image to your server and host it from there.

We don't particularly mind hosting these images for others, but there are enough people linking directly to the photos on our servers that we will soon be faced with the choice of paying additional cash just to support the added blogger traffic or changing the way we provide these duckie images on the website.

If could do us the common courtesy of providing a small link back to Rubber Duck Land from your blog or posting  (URL to use: " ")   it would more than compensate us for the cost of the extra load on our allotted internet bandwidth. 

We don't ask for much, just a 'thanks' in the form of a link now and then, would be greatly appreciated and help offset the added cost to us that your use of the image would cause.

If you copy and paste the following, most blogs would display it properly:

<A HREF="http//">Rubber Duck Land</A>

Thanks for your putting these rubber duckie images to good use! 
Making people smile and laugh is what they are all about.

Please note that all images on this website are copyright 2004 by the Get Odd Company and are freely distributed for NON-Commercial use.  If you wish to use an image commercially, please contact us (we're not unreasonable). We welcome people to use these images on their personal websites, forum postings, blogs, etc.
No prior approval is needed for NON-Commercial use.  Have fun!

rubber duck sponsoremail us at:


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All images, files, screensavers on this site are copyright (c)2004 by the GetOdd Company, All rights reserved.

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