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Rubber Ducky Fun!

  Place your wagers on which of four ducks will reach the finish line first.  Rubber Ducky fun for everyone! -- even old grouches.

The Rubber Ducky Dance #1

(138k Flash animation)
The Sixpack rubber ducks strut their stuff with some side stepping square dancing.  I bet you didn't think they side stepped?  Yup, they sure do, in real western style

Rush Hour on Ducky River

(96k Flash animation)
Sixpack ducks head to work as the Devil Duckies
waddle home.  Even the ducks have to commute.





Rubber Ducky Slide Puzzles

(Internet Explorer browser only)
For those with the time to contemplate the finer art of duck life we offer the rubber ducky slide puzzles.  These are the very same puzzles that are given to real ducks to entertain them while in the egg.

If you can complete all four of these puzzles in a single day, you are ready to hatch.

Play the ducky slot machine! and place your quacks!

Photo Gallery

Our "world of ducks" gallery has captured a few duckys in daily life-- doing what rubber ducks do best... pose for photos.

Rubber Ducky Alignment

Make sure all your duckys are in a row by using our free rubber ducky alignment tools.

Experience the zen like calmness that can be obtained only by precise ducky alignment. The "Feng-Shue" of the duck world. If I had to choose between having my ducks in alignment or the stars-- I'd pick the ducks.

Coloring Ducks!

The perfect start for an aspiring artist is to color in our coloring duckys. Print these out on your printer and pass them out at your next rubber ducky birthday party for an hour of coloring fun and excitement. 

CLICK HERE for the printable coloring duck page.
For the online coloring book page,
(Internet Explorer browser only)


Pin The Beak on the Ducky

You remember the party game about putting a tail on a donkey?  Well, why leave the duckys out of the fun?

Download our printable game for use at your next party and enjoy the fun. 
CLICK HERE for the online version!

CLICK HERE for the "Pin The Beak on the Duckie" game page.


Rubber Ducks of the Civil War

Did you know that more than one rubber ducky was spotted on the battlefields of the US Civil War? 

Yes Sir! 
And we have photos to prove it!  (well,--- perhaps this is just some wishful thinking--- but you never know!)

Visit our CIVIL WAR-DUCKS gallery page


Nobody would confuse the sound of a rubber duck from that of a real-live duck, but this ducky sound is sure to have you swooning for the tub (or running for the toilet). 

Enjoy the real rubber duck squeak!
(to save to your hard drive, "right click" and select "save target as".)
RubberDuck.wav sound file (only 20k)


Free Rubber Ducky Screen Savers!

Visit our special Rubber Duck Screen Saver Page and check out the ducky screen savers we have available-- even one that doubles as a game to keep the young ones occupied for hours of mousing fun.

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