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Print your own shirts & mousepads!

If you have an inkjet printer (who doesn't nowadays) and the inclination towards crafts and creative ventures, printing rubber duck items can be lots of fun.

Below are the files used in the Rubber Duck Land shirt-mousepad shop and make for eye catching duckwear.

The files are rather large, as they should be so they print well.  Depending on your particular hardware and software, you may need to manipulate them somewhat. For most people they should print properly without hassle.

The images are already reversed and most are "sideways", so there will be less you will have to do to print these from your image manipulation program.  Sadly, if you try to print them directly from your browser, they will not print correctly.  The images are at the full 300dpi resolution-- which will appear huge when viewed in the browser.  The high resolution versions are used so that your end product (tee's or pads) will have a quality look.  Sadly, the use of hi-res versions precludes you from simply printing them onto transfer paper from your browser.

Copyright for these images belongs to the GetOdd Company and you are free to print them up on your ducky items as long as you do not sell them.  People who love rubber ducks wouldn't want to cheat another duck lover out of making a living.

You will want to right click and select "save target as" to save an image to your hard drive for later printing or manipulation.  If you just click on the link, you will waste a few minutes as the browser will display the image at about four times its size, sideways, and reversed.



Tee shirt size



Inline Skating Duck


Ducky Mousepad



Tulip Garden Duck


Moby Duck

Mousepad (578k)
Tee Shirt (214k)


Duck In Motion


Spring Lake Duckpad



Plain Ol Duck


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All images, files, screensavers on this site are copyright (c)2004 by the GetOdd Company, All rights reserved.

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