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Rubber Ducks of the Civil War

The history of the rubber duck goes way back... way, way back. 
Much further back than the Civil War days of the 1800's.

The usefulness of rubber ducks in the war movement has been neglected by historians for reasons that are beyond me.  Rest assured that when the war was fierce, there was a rubber duck nearby to calm the nerves and make even the worst condition more bearable.

(Click on a photo below for a larger, more detailed view)


Union officers entrusted a rubber duck to stand guard over their bible and other important items.


Confederate officers, like their union counterparts, likewise entrusted the rubber war-duck to guarding their important items when they were in battle.


Military regulation issue rubber ducks of the day appear to be little changed from the modern ducks in use today. The rubber duck has proven to be a timeless friend to all.


The Devil Duckie Brigade, a little known, but fierce regiment of highly skilled soldiers had a horned duckie for their mascot..


The image of a rubber duck on your cap signified a battle tested soldier.  Ruber ducks emblazoned on any part of the uniform were considered a sign of a heroic and skilled warrior.


Members of the Devil Duckie Brigade had their own special duckie emblazoned on their uniform.


During the war, rubber duckies were to be seen in all sorts of unlikely places.  Here a Devil Duckie Ammo pouch hangs by the side of a tree near West Virginia just before the end of the war.


Modern warriors still believe in the "luck of the duck" and keep their trusty rubber ducks nearby when on assignment.


Though not quite a rubber duck, or even a duck for that matter, this "near-duck" gracing the tail of a USAF transport (seen at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio) reminds us all  of the importance rubber ducks have played in the military.

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