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Rubber Duck Alignment

Make sure you get all your ducks in a row!

Proper duck alignment is crucial for attaining true inner peace.
(Click on a photo for a larger view.)


These ducks are obviously confused.

As a group they are headed in one direction, but there is no order or linearity at all.  Very bad.


These ducks, for the most part, have it together.
One duck, sadly, does not and spoils it for the whole group.


These ducks are hopeless.

They not only do not know where they are going, but two of them do not know which end is up-- while three just plain don't have their feet on the ground!

This is the usual result if your ducks are exposed to adult beverages or the burning leaves of the Cannibus plant.


Side-By-Side Lineup
Made popular by the Radio City Rockettes, this method of lining up is best at promoting a risque attitude.
CLICK HERE for the tool for this alignment (192k)


Single File Lineup
The most common alignment when people ponder having the ducks in a row.  Great for the Karma!
CLICK HERE for the tool for this alignment. (187k)


These ducks are in the "FACE OFF" mode.

This is an alignment that will produce heavenly aspirations and increased cravings for "White Castles"  in all who are nearby.
The colors GREEN and MAUVE are complimentary, as are the fine sounds of bluegrass music.

CLICK HERE for the tool for this alignment (263k)


Good Vs Evil
This is a modification of the Face Off alignment and shows the classic conflict present in the universe. 
Only use in March.


Football Alinment

This alignment, based on the Face Off pattern, is extensively used in professional football circles.   While this alignment requires more ducks, the end result is that more of your goals are completed and it fosters increased competitiveness.


The Huddle

Often associated with football, this alignment fosters cooperation and communication. 
Gregorian chants are compatible.


The Pool Rack

Ducks in formation always get their way. Often used in military air tactics, this alignment will augment your goals and produce fame and fortune.


The Circular Shuffle

This alignment has plenty of Ying and Yang and will go round and round for years without a problem.  Use this alignment when you wish to foster a permanent loving relationship.


The Prisoner of War

This alignment is typically used to isolate and conquer the forces of evil.  Whenever there it turmoil in your life, use this alignment for instant results.

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